CfP: Broadening the Discussion of Ethics in the Interaction Design and Children Community


Call for Contribution to panel on Broadening the Discussion of Ethics in the Interaction Design and Children Community to be held at IDC 2019

We seek contributions for discussion at the panel on Broadening the Discussion of Ethics in the Interaction Design and Children Community to be run at IDC 2019. In this open Call for Contribution, we ask interested researchers, designers and practitioners to submit ethical tensions, issues, challenges, cases or questions in whatever format seems appropriate through any of these channels:

The organisers will then synthesise the input to topics to be brought up during the panel at the conference.
Please note: while we will avoid to make any connection between specific cases submitted and any of the synthesised topics to be discussed in the panel, we also cannot guarantee full anonymity. Therefore, we strongly encourage contributors to pay the greatest care that any input they would submit, protects any participant privacy and rights and to consider the level of detail that is necessary to discuss the issue in a public venue.
The organisers (Chris, Monica, Jerry, Janet, Alissa and Pauline)