For Authors

Full Call for Papers

IDC 2018 welcomes submissions in the form of full papers, short papers (notes), demonstrations, art installations, workshops, courses and work in progress / late breaking. There is also a call for participants to submit to the doctoral consortium and the research and design competition. Submissions to all tracks are invited on the following topics:

  • Help children live healthy and design, create, and explore
  • Innovative interactive technologies for children
  • Theoretically motivated arguments regarding interaction design and children
  • Empirical studies concerned with the interaction of children and technology
  • Methods and techniques supporting interaction design and children
  • Studies of the effects of technology on children’s lives and their development
  • Reflective analyses on the field of child-computer interaction and interaction design
  • Constructive design research with and for children
  • Studies discussing the involvement of children in the design process
  • Future vision articles, discussing trends and directions for the field

Find more information for each of the submission categories here:


Special Note on Ethics and Children (Required Section: Selection and Participation of Children)

Designing with and for children comes with challenges and responsibilities. The IDC community is keen to include children voices as well as to protect their rights and promote the ethical inclusion of their perspectives in research. Papers must include a section “Selection and Participation of Children” in which the authors of the paper should describe how children were selected (if there were no children simply write – no children participated in this work), what consent processes were followed (i.e. did they consent and if so what they were told), how they were treated, how data sharing was communicated, and especially any additional ethical considerations. This subsection should not exceed 125 words and will not count towards the page limit. NOTE: even if this detail is elsewhere in the paper we still want to see this paragraph. You should place this section before the references. Examples can be seen in IDC 2016 & IDC 2018 proceedings.


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