Papers (Full & Short)


Papers (Full & Short) Presentation Instructions

Accepted papers will present their contribution in paper sessions during the main program. Please check the program for your assigned day. We recommend that presenters get to the room before the start of the session to meet the session chair, to troubleshoot the A/V, and to greet the other presenters. You should plan to use your own device, but we’ll try to have an emergency backup and a few output dongles on hand.Full papers will have 15 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for questions, while short papers will have 8 minutes for the talk and 3 minutes for questions. Please, note that these times are firm — in order to keep the conference moving, we have to have limits in place. You will be timed by the session chair who will provide a warning when your time is almost up.


Call for Papers


Due to issues with the new templates, we have received permission from the ACM to allow four different formats for full and short papers (see below). If you are having issues with the format or paragraph spacing in the interim Word template, you can opt to use the “Old” (2015) SIGCHI format. The length limit is 10 pages (not including acknowledgments, participation of children, and references). We are sorry for the inconveniences of the “new” template; we (the program committee) have been working hard to advocate for a flexible and fair solution for all authors. Thank you for your contributions to the program. See the ACM SIGCHI Paper Format page for more information and links to all of the templates.


Papers varying in scope of their contribution are accepted for presentation at IDC. All papers should:


  1. Report original work not previously published elsewhere;
  2. Address areas related to Interaction Design and Children (see the For Authors page or the Call for Papers with more information about conference topics);
  3. Clearly state the contribution(s) in the abstract and paper.


Contributions making one clear, significant contribution to IDC topics, are more likely to be accepted than those making several lesser contributions. Submissions must identify and cite relevant published work and explain how the paper furthers research within the field of Interaction Design and Children. Full Papers are expected to be 8-10 pages; Short Papers (sometimes referred to as Notes) are expected to be 4-6 pages. The page limit does not include acknowledgements (< 150 words), the required section ‘Selection and Participation of Children’ (< 150 words, see below), nor the references. We encourage authors to select the appropriate length of paper based on the scope of the contribution of their research. Short papers generally have a smaller scope and/or contribution, but should not be viewed as inferior to full papers. While short papers should situate the work that is presented within relevant related literature, the literature review is likely to not be as broad or as in-depth as that of a full paper.


All accepted Full & Short Papers will be included in the conference proceedings published in the ACM Digital Library. Submissions for review should be anonymized and should adhere to the CHI Anonymization Policy. Once accepted for publication, submissions will go through a light second review process. Publication of the paper is dependent on there being at least one author of the paper registered and participated in the conference.


Important Dates

  • UPDATE: Title and Abstract Submission Deadline: 16 January 2019
  • UPDATE: Full Submission Deadline: 23 January 2019
  • Notification: 13 March 2019
  • Camera Ready: 10 April 2019
  • Early Registration: 24 April 2019


Required Section: Selection and Participation of Children

Designing with and for children comes with challenges and responsibilities. The IDC community is keen to include children voices as well as to protect their rights and promote the ethical inclusion of their perspectives in research. Papers must include a section “Selection and Participation of Children” in which the authors of the paper should describe how children were selected (if there were no children simply write – no children participated in this work), what consent processes were followed (i.e. did they consent and if so what they were told), how they were treated, how data sharing was communicated, and especially any additional ethical considerations. This subsection should not exceed 125 words and will not count towards the page limit. NOTE: even if this detail is elsewhere in the paper we still want to see this paragraph. You should place this section immediately preceding the references. Examples can be seen in IDC 2016 & IDC 2018 proceedings.


Submission Instructions

  • All submissions should use the ACM SIGCHI Paper Format
  • Indicate the kind of paper you are submitting:
    • Full Papers are expected to be 8-10 pages (excluding references)
    • Short Papers are expected to be 4-6 pages (excluding references)
  • Submit via Precision Conference
  • Optional: Supporting files, such as videos or source code, may be included. You may submit a link to a video hosted on a service like Vimeo or YouTube. This video must be anonymous and no longer than 5 minutes in length. Please also note that your paper must be a complete, stand-alone submission that makes sense without the video.