Welcome to IDC2020

Important update: On Sunday, the 21st of June at 12pm BST, the conference registration will close and we will no longer accept new attendees. This is to enable us to prepare in time for Monday. 

The ACM Interaction Design and Children (IDC) conference 2020 will take place between June 17-24.

IDC is an annual conference that promotes research concentrating on the design, development, and use of interactive technologies for children.  Originally planned to take place in London, the IDC conference will be held virtually this year.

Our theme this year is “Designing for the Future”

The theme for this year’s IDC is “designing for the future”. This theme invites critical and generative perspectives that take stock of two decades of IDC research to conceptualise the role and impact of digital technology for children. 

We look forward to meeting you during IDC 2020

We are pleased to welcome attendees from 133 cities from around the world in this year’s conference!