Attendee Information

Conference Platform

The main platform for the conference will be Zoom. If you do not have Zoom installed already, you will need to go to download the Zoom Client for Meetings software for your operating system. If you have Zoom installed, make sure you’ve updated it to the last version, as there have been significant changes to the Zoom client over the past few months.

Finally, to enable the communication and discussion among conference participants, we will use discussion boards on the IDC 2020 website. To access the discussion boards, you will need to login with your account information provided above. We also provided you with some cute London-themed avatars which you can set using the “Avatar Change” functionality in the Virtual Conference menu. During the conference, we will be using these avatars in playful ways.

You are free to post questions and discuss ideas with other conference attendees, and we encourage you to do so. There will also be some facilitated discussions, and you will hear more about them during the conference.

Conference Organisation

On all three days, the main conference programme will start at 14:00 BST. The conference programme is mostly single track, with different types of sessions throughout the day. Each session will have its session moderator (the names are shown in the programme) and dedicated student volunteers which will be providing help and support if needed.

Each of the three daily sessions (two broadcast sessions and main conference session) will have unique Zoom URLs. The URLs will be available only to registered attendees on the IDC 2020 website 24hr before the start of the conference within the conference programme. However, if you are presenter, on that specific day, you will receive an email with a unique access link which you should use instead of the link on the website.

If you are not a presenter, your microphone and camera will be turned off, and you will not be able to turn them on. This setting was chosen to save bandwidth and to avoid echos and other feedback noises.

Conference Sessions

Before the main programme starts, there will also be two broadcast sessions where the video presentations for a given day will be played. Full paper presentations are 8-minutes long, while short paper presentations are 6-minutes long. While watching the presentations, you will be able to post your questions via QA functionality within Zoom. We will then share these questions with presenters and also use them during the live QA session later in the main conference programme.

The two broadcast sessions are spread out across the day so that people from most timezones can watch the videos live. However, if the times of the broadcast sessions are not convenient for you, the video presentations are also available on the conference website so that you can watch them at another time.

During Paper Q&A sessions, the session moderator will unmute participants that want to ask a question. Alternatively, you will be able to post questions in the QA window, and a session moderator will read those questions to the presenter. In the QA window, you can also see the list of existing questions and upvote the ones that you think are important. Finally, the session moderator will also ask presenters some of the most important questions collected during the broadcast sessions.

During Work in Progress (WiP) sessions, the short one-minute videos of WiP papers will be played, after which the attendees will be invited to online discussion boards where there will be an opportunity to ask presenters questions.

During Industry & Demo event, the five-minute videos of both industry and academic demos will be played after which there will be time for a short discussion with the presenters. This is one of the two multi-track events, and there will be three tracks in which the demos from different themes will be played. To access each track, you will need to use Zoom Links that will be soon posted in the conference programme.

During Coffee breaks and social sessions, there will be an opportunity to discuss with other conference attendees in a more casual atmosphere other important topics, such as the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on academic work and life, career progression in academia, how to connect industry and academia, and more! The first social event (Lockdown Life) will have two parallel tracks, while other social events will be single track. In all cases, there will be special Zoom links posted in the conference programme to access social sessions.