IDC courses, following the new conference format, will run online.

What is a Course?

Courses allow IDC attendees to extend their knowledge beyond their current area of expertise. Courses help people to 1) explore new methods, techniques, and practices, 2) acquire new skills to develop meaningful technology for children, and 3) become inspired to pursue new ideas. Participants will include professionals, practitioners, students and researchers.

Courses in their online version will run for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 7 hours. Courses can be designed for novices, experts, or audiences with general interest – the expected audience should be very clear in the proposal. Courses are different to Workshops. Courses are expert instructors, typically with established reputations, teaching people new to a topic. Workshops are meetings of experts exploring new knowledge.

Quick Facts

  • Submission Deadline: 2 March 2020 23:59 PST
  • Notification: 18 March 2020
  • Camera-Ready Course Description & (optional) Course URLs: 24 April 2020  15 May, 2020 23:59 PST
  • Course day: 21 June 2020 18 and 19 of June 2020

Archive: Course Descriptions (4 pages in SIGCHI Extended Abstract Format will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

Participants: Minimum 8 (instructors not included by the early registration deadline), maximum defined by the instructors. All instructors and participants must register for the workshop and the main conference.

Course fee: To be announced; instructors of a realised course receive one free course ticket.

Course suggestion or questions? Tell/Ask us: 

Course Submission

Course submissions should NOT be anonymous, but confidentiality will be maintained. Please upload the documents (Pdf files) via the online conference system ( 

 A course submission must consist of the following:

  • Course Description (up to 4 pages in Extended Abstracts Format) for publication in the ACM Digital Library
  • Course Notes samples (optional), for example, handouts, slides, etc.

Course submissions also need to provide the following information via the PCS submission form to help the jury and chairs understand the logistical constraints of the proposed course:

  • Duration of the course (half or full day)
  • Audience size: what is the preferred audience size? If you believe your course should be limited to a certain number for optimal effect, please state so. The minimal number of attendees is 8 (instructors not included).
  • Course history: if the proposed Course has been given previously, describe where it was given, the evaluation it received from attendees, and how it will be modified.
  • Student Volunteers: specify and justify student volunteer help for your course.
  • Audio/visual needs: IDC can generally provide a projector, screen, computer audio, and podium microphone.
  • Promotional strategy: a description of your advertising/promotional strategy for attracting attendees

Course Description (up to 4 pages)

The Course descriptions in Extended Abstracts format (up to 4 pages) should include:

  • Title and brief abstract
  • Benefits: summarize the learning outcomes (skills and knowledge) the attendees will gain as a result of attending this Course.
  • Intended audience(s): types of audience (researchers, students, practitioners, etc.) and the required background to understand the course.
  • Content and practical work: describe in detail the material that will be covered and the expected practical work in the course.
  • Instructors: provide a short biography for each instructor, including links to a website and other relevant resources that provide more information about the instructor.
  • References: Please add any relevant references within the 4-page limit.

Course Notes samples (optional)

Provide a sample of the material you will present in this Course. This can include handouts, slides or other relevant material you plan to use or have used before in courses, talks or related curriculum.

All accepted courses are required to provide their course notes in advance. The deadline for the final Course Notes is 15 June. Further instructions will be provided after the notification date.

Course Selection Process

IDC 2020 Courses will be curated by an expert panel, including the Workshop and Courses chairs. Acceptance of proposals will be based on:

  • Factors such as relevance of the course to the IDC community, the value provided to the intended audience, presentation methods and practical activities, and the diversity of the topics within this year’s program (only a small number of courses will be selected).

Prior experience and qualifications of the instructors.