Industry & Demo Track 1 Videos

Theme: Storytelling and Informal Learning I
Virtual Dioramas Transform Natural History Museum Exhibit Halls and Gardens to Life with Immersive AR
by Maria C. R. Harrington
Inspired by the dioramas of the past, both the creation process and their use in museums as interactive, multimodal, knowledge artifacts are discussed and carefully analyzed. This paper may be of interest to researchers and practitioners alike. First, as a way to understand and generalize the critical design factors used and to extend findings into their design research, and second, as an iterative design and development process model, learner-user experience (LUX) design, extensible to other domains.

Community Garden: Designing for Connectedness in Online Museum Exhibits
by Jordan Graves
Community Garden is an interactive museum exhibit designed to promote connectedness both at the museum and online. To interact with the exhibit, participants draw and share flower petals which are displayed on a communal field, blooming with flowers of other participants. The exhibit’s drawing interface is accessed online, allowing for live participation and inclusion of people who cannot physically visit the museum.

EPESonic: Understanding Fictional Framing of Metaphorical Actions in Young Children’s Digital Interaction
by Minna Orvokki Nygren
In this Demo, we present EPESonic, a movement-based installation prototype for researching design aspects relating to young children’s meaning making through metaphorical action in a multimodal, digital setting. The goal of our prototype design is to provide methodological insights about embodied learning design for young children that integrate fictional narrative, play and digital feedback to support meaning making with metaphorical actions.

Theme: Storytelling and Informal Learning II
Marvel Hero Tales
by Kris Turvey

Ketka – interactive audio stories for mental wellbeing and literacy
by Isabelle Chatel De Brancion
Ketka brings you interactive screen-free stories, crafted by experts to boost social and emotional learning and literacy. We offer a product for schools, and a lighter one for families directly. Ketka makes mental wellbeing FUN, with quizzes and songs too. It is all accessible remotely and underpinned by evidence-based approaches like cognitive behavioural therapy.

Online storytelling training, a powerful learning gizmo
by Kate Shelley
Award winning Tales Toolkit provide interactive, child led resources for early years using symbols representing story structure. Resources give children independence to create stories around interests using anything to hand! Provided with online training and on-going support. Proven to impact language, creativity, literacy, social skills, problem solving and close the gap in literacy for boys with little/no planning for the teacher!

Theme: VR/AR and Mixed Reality (beyond learning)
Growbot: A Robotic System to Help Children Grow Plants
by Deanna Kocher
Growbot is a mobile robot that helps children learn to take care of plants. Using nonverbal communication methods, Growbot helps children understand what their plant needs, and when.

Interactive Educational Game Using Machine Learning
by Emil Dragan
Playing a game using machine learning driven inputs can represent a great way of combining both technology and educational content.

Musemio’s Design and Technology Principles
by Kaitlin Fritz
An understanding of the Musemio cultural edtech VR platform and its key design and technology principles