Presenter accessibility guidelines


When recording videos for attendees is critical to make visual and auditory information accessible. Deriving from the ACM SIGACCESS Accessible Presentation Guide, here are some guidelines that presenters should follow.

While designing slides/ visual for videos:

  • Choose a good colour scheme
    • Use high contrast – Should work in dim and bright rooms
    • Make sure visuals are discernible for colour blind users
  • Use more than colour to communicate information
    • Colour coding cannot be understood by people who are blind or colourblind
    • In addition to verbal emphasis, one could use bold, italic, underline, *astrices*, etc. to convey emphasis
  • Avoid using animations
    • Unless with a detailed audio description
  • Inclusion of text
    • Text should be at least 24pt.
    • Use Sans Serif fonts

While presenting a video:

  • Read the text on slides/ visuals
    • Speak every word appearing in text form in the video, including long excerpts
  • Verbally present graphics
    • Provide a description for graphics (not needed for graphics that are only meant for decoration)
  • Speak clearly
    • Speak at a proper cadence; Do not speak too fast.
    • Use understandable terms: Avoid slang, colloquialisms. Understand your audience.
  • Record video of you speaking to accompany slides, if possible
    • Face the camera: People can hear you and be engaged; People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing may be able to lip read