Call for Demo & Art Track

Call for Papers - Demo & Art Track

Demos and Art Installations are interactive expositions of technologies and technology solutions. The purpose of the Demos and Art Installations is to share hands-on experiences and promote and provoke debate of innovative interactive technologies that are relevant for children in one way or another. We welcome interesting demo and art installations such as prototypes, devices, systems, games, videos and performances from a wide range of practitioners in areas such as design, learning, engineering, research and fine arts, including submissions from students and independent practitioners. Demos and Art Installations should offer an experience of about 10 minutes.

Important Dates (Midnight in AoE)

  • March 21 March 28: Submission deadline
  • April 19: Author notifications
  • May 3: Camera-ready submissions due

Submission Instructions

Submissions should include the author(s) name and affiliation – in other words, they are not blind, but confidentiality will be maintained. Please upload the documents (pdf files) via the online conference system. A submission for Demos and Art Installations must consist of the following:

  1. A description of the type of demo/artwork and intended presentation format
  2. A short video (up to 5 minutes) for communicating the installation to the reviewers and to include the URL link directly in the Extended Abstract format (only URL, not to be uploaded as a supplementary file).
  3. A still image of at least 1500×1200 px that represents your demo/artwork. The image is intended for publications and conference publicity. The image will be uploaded as a supplementary file in the online conference system.
Demo submissions take the form of 6-page papers (including references) written in the ACM CHI Publication Format. All submissions should follow the ACM guidelines. There is a single column submission paper format.

Accepted Demos and Art Installation papers will be included in the conference proceedings published in the ACM Digital Library. Publication of the paper is dependent on there being at least one author of the paper registered and participating in the conference

Demo and Art Selection Process

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by an expert panel, including the Demo and Art chairs. Our objective is to ensure that the demo and art installations are exciting and significant while representing a diversity of interactive technologies that are relevant for children. Acceptance of proposals will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of the demo/art installation to the IDC community
  2. Conference theme
  3. The value provided to the intended audience
  4. Feasibility
  5. Available space at the conference
  6. Have a description that is publishable in ACM Digital Library (good description, narration. language)

After acceptance of your Demo or Art Exhibition

Participants with accepted works in this track are required to detail requirements in a separate google form which chairs will share. Participants can also ship their items to the venue if they so choose.