Ethics, Inclusion & Accessibility

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Ethics, Inclusion and Accessibility

IDC 2022 has received funds to further promote equality, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility at IDC 2022


The SIGCHI Development Fund Committee has granted some funds for the conference to help participants in three ways: (1) enable meaningful communication between in-person and online participants; (2) supporting the remote participation of a broader group of participants; and, (3) facilitating the participation of participation of people with limited ability to travel due to temporal or permanent circumstances.

Selection Criteria

It will privilege candidates from underrepresented communities (including geographic regions not usually represented at IDC) and those with a demonstrated need. Please provide all the details in order to motivate your request in the fields 


Please fill the form at this link
Deadline: 23.06.22 Extended!
Feedback will be provided by the 25.06.22


Protecting and advocating for children’s rights, their well being, growth and access to education are central to the IDC community. Over the years the community has revised methods and processes to promote research and its dissemination that could take into account ethics, accessibility and inclusion.

Following we provide a few links and instructions that will help to guide authors and increase the awareness around such relevant topics.


IDC promotes an ethical engagement of children in research activities and asks to include a short paragraph about “Selection and Participation of Children” (see the CFP). While you are preparing the paragraph we would encourage you to look at the following questions that might help to frame it:

  • How were children involved and selected to participate in the research? if there were no children simply write: no children participated in this work.
  • What data did you collect, observe, generate or reuse? How were these collected, observed or generated?
  • How did you request the necessary permission to obtain, process, preserve and share the data?
  • How did the people whose data you are using been informed?
  • Are there any additional ethical considerations?


IDC is also committed to lowering barriers to access the resources and contributions published at the conference. In this perspective, we invite authors of any track to follow the SIGCHI accessibility instructions.


Moreover, the IDC community advocates for an environment based on diversity, inclusion and equity values starting from promoting the use of an inclusive language. We would like to encourage authors of any track to respect the SIGCHI guidelines for gender equity and inclusivity.

For what concerns inclusive language and accessibility we recommend sticking to the instructions provided by the SIGCHI Accessible Writing Guide.

Adherence to the ethics and accessibility guidelines is a mandatory requirement for getting the paper published, while we also highly encourage authors to consider and go by the SIGCHI instructions for inclusion in their  contributions.