• Computational Empowerment in K-12 Education: Formative Assessment Strategies for Educational and Design Practices through Dialogic Learning Approaches
    Yu-Yu Liu
  • Interactive Multi-Sensory Environment (iMSE) Design To Support Social Engagement For Visually Impaired (VI) Children In China
    Qiti Zhang
  • Towards Automating the Process of Identifying and Monitoring Deficiencies in the Handwriting of Preschool Children
    Rosendo Narvaez
  • Investigating the balance of privacy versus security in online family banking
    Katie Thomas
  • Co-Designing Interventions to Support Ethnic-Racial Identity Development
    Marilyn Iriarte
  • Foregrounding Agency in Participatory Design with Children
    Lexie Zhao
  • Co-constructing Náhookos Bi’ka’ constellation with STARR
    Jessica Benally
  • Reflective Journaling in Adult-Child Co-design
    Elana B Blinder