Demo & Art Track

Demos and Art Installations are interactive expositions of technologies and technology solutions. 

The purpose of the Demos and Art Installations is to share hands-on experiences. Demos and Artworks aim to promote and provoke debate of innovative interactive technologies that are relevant for children in one way or another. We welcome interesting demo and art installations such as prototypes, devices, systems, games, videos and performances from a wide range of practitioners in areas such as design, learning, engineering, research and fine arts, including submissions from students and independent practitioners. Demos and Art Installations should offer an experience of about 10 minutes of interaction and conversation.

Building on a “new” tradition: Inviting Artwork and Demos from Youth

This year, due to increasing interest from youth, we will continue to invite young people to submit digital artworks and/or interactive programs, systems, and prototypes that showcase their computing and creative skills. 

Our Demos & Arts Track can only be strengthened by expanding youth participation. 

Most especially, we welcome creations from youth or youth-adult collaborations, because our theme is focused on promoting Inclusive Happiness for children. We ask for demos and artworks that respond to the call:  How can the IDC community help increase children’s happiness, not only for the happy few but for all the children in the world?

This track can include many forms of interaction including tangible, virtual, mobile, and mixed reality. Your designs can address broad issues related to inclusion, equity, social and emotional wellbeing, sustainability, privacy, or any other topics that you are interested in, as a child who is striving to be happy and to help others to become more content in today’s technology filled world. If accepted,  we will work with you to showcase your artwork or demo during the conference (can be virtual or in-person). Schools, Libraries, and Makerspace programs local to the Delft area are encouraged to send in their proposed Artworks and interactive Demos, using this form. You CAN submit as a team. Check it out!

Important Dates (Midnight in AoE)
  • Submission: 25th March 2024 
  • Youth Submission: 31st March 2024
  • Author notifications: 8th April 2024
  • Camera ready submissions: 29th April 2024
Submission Instructions

A submission for the “adult”/researchDemos and Art Installations Track consists of the following:

  1. Include the author(s) name and affiliation. Specifically, Demo/Art submissions are not blindly reviewed; however, confidentiality will be maintained.
  2. A description of the demo/artwork written in the ACM CHI Publication Format, up to 6-pages maximum (including references). This includes, but is not limited to:
  • a detailed description of the demo and/or artwork
  • relevance of the demo/artwork to the IDC community
  • connection of the demo/artwork to the conference theme
  • value and/or contribution of the demo/artwork to the intended audience
  • an abstract that briefly summarizes the demo/artwork and intended presentation format
  • a link (URL) to a short video (up to 5 minutes), communicating the installation to the reviewers
  1. A still image of at least 1500 × 1200px that represents the demo/artwork. The image is intended for publications and conference publicity. The image will be uploaded as a supplementary file in the online conference system.

Please upload your submission documents via the online conference system. All submissions should follow the ACM guidelines. There is a single column submission paper format.

Maximum length for demo/art submissions is 6-pages (including references).

Accepted Demos and Art Installation papers will be included in the conference proceedings published in the ACM Digital Library. Publication of the paper is dependent on at least one author of the paper registered for the conference and participating in the conference.

Demo and Art Selection Process

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by an expert panel, including the Demo and Art chairs. Our objective is to ensure that the demo and art installations are exciting and significant while representing a diversity of interactive technologies that are relevant for children. Acceptance of proposals will be based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the demo/art installation to the IDC community
  • Conference theme
  • The value provided to the intended audience
  • Feasibility
  • Available space at the conference
  • Have a description that is publishable in ACM Digital Library (good description, narration, language)
After acceptance of your Demo or Art Exhibition

Participants with accepted works in this track are required to detail requirements in a separate Google form which chairs will share as we get closer to the conference date. Participants can also ship their items to the venue if they so choose.