About Delft

Delft is a charming old city of 100,000 inhabitants. The beautiful city centre with its canals, markets, famous monuments, and museums makes it one of Holland’s most attractive cities. Entrepreneurs, scientists, students, and tourists all meet in the city’s many restaurants and cafes today, as they have done for centuries.

That is why Delft is a breeding ground for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. William of Orange, Hugo de Groot, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Johannes Vermeer and Reinier de Graaf are all icons whose work established Delft’s excellent international reputation. 

Delft has a wonderful historical city centre with charming squares and the most enjoyable cafés, shops and restaurants. The city is known for its Delft blue, Johannes Vermeer, and William van Oranje. But the city has much more to offer, and we are happy to invite you. We therefore welcome you to the “Prince Town” of the Netherlands.

The best spots for food and drinks in Delft

Delft is home to many wonderful, cosy restaurants, cafés and pubs. Just take a leisurely walk around and you’ll stumble across one great place after another! As you’ll be spoilt for choice, we’d like to help make your decision a little easier.

Visiting Museums

Are you planning to visit Delft? Make sure to visit one of its wonderful and unique museums. Find out everything about the life of the Dutch Father of the Nation or see the work of a 19th-century artist. Or are you more into the latest technical gadgets? No matter what your age, Delft offers a wide range of museums and tourist attractions.

Must see in Delft

Walking through Delft is a feast for the eyes. Find the beautiful historic buildings, bridges, squares, and almshouse courtyards that all tell their own stories. At the same time, be surprised by the city’s contemporary character that constantly hints at its history.