Submissions to all tracks are invited on the following topics:

While all submissions related to Interaction Design and Children (IDC) are welcome to the conference (see the list of tracks and general topics below), the theme for the conference is an opportunity for the IDC community to take a reflective and generative outlook on children’s technology.

  • Designing the future of technology for and with children
  • Designing for sustainability (environmental, institutional, developmental etc)
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice as it relates to the lives of children
  • Innovative interactive technology for children and its implications
  • Theoretically motivated arguments regarding interaction design and children
  • Empirical studies concerned with the interaction of children and technology

  • Methods and techniques supporting interaction design for/with children
  • Studies of the effects of technology on children’s lives and development
  • Reflective analyses on the field of child computer interaction and interaction design
  • Constructive design research for and with children
  • Studies discussing the involvement of children in the design process
  • Ethics in approaching children-computer interaction research
  • Future vision articles, discussing trends and directions for the field

Theme 2024: Inclusive Happiness

In 2020, UNICEF described children in the Netherlands as being among the world’s happiest. That, of course, is a beautiful position. However, in the Netherlands, as in the rest of the world, there are also wide variations in happiness across groups.

Children are happy on average, but some children are happier than others. How can the IDC community help make children happier, not only for the happy few but for all the children in the world?

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