Venue X Delft

The 23rd annual ACM Interaction Design and Children (IDC) Conference will be held at X-Delft.

is a place on campus where you can develop in areas that are not always part of the academic curriculum, but invaluable less. X focuses on the needs of young people
 and has an extensive range in the fields of sports, games, arts, crafts, reflection & lifestyle.

Therefore, the most perfect venue for this event.

Building 37
Mekelweg 8
NL-2628 CD Delft 
+31 15 278 24 42

X – TU Delft Campus Map

How to get there?

How do you get to Delft? The city is easily accessible by car and / or public transport. Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam Airport are also in easy reach. Discover how you can get to the city easily and quickly.


  • You can travel to Delft quickly and easily from 40 European destinations via Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Several major airlines fly at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, of which Transavia handles the most flights.
  • The Airport is only a 15-minute drive from Delft.


  • Schiphol Airport, the largest airport in the Netherlands, is 35 minutes away from Delft. Every day, various intercontinental and European flights land here. From Schiphol you can easily travel to Delft by train in 40 minutes
    or by car in 50 minutes.

Check the 
public transport webpages or the 
railway planner for personal directions. 


  • Visit Delft relaxed and easy by train, tram or bus. The city is easily accessible by public transport. Since 2015, Delft has a modern underground railway station. They are still building the second rail tunnel tube.


  • Delft has two train stations; Delft Zuid and Delft Center. From Delft Centrum station you can walk to the city center in a few minutes.
  • Delft is centrally located between The Hague and Rotterdam. As a result, trains run regularly to and from the city, so you never have to wait long. It only takes 10 minutes to get from Rotterdam and/or The Hague to Delft by
    train, 45 minutes from Amsterdam, and around three hours from Groningen and Maastricht. View the current departure times of the NS to plan your trip.
  • The new ‘Delft Centraal’ train station was opened in 2016. Delft is worth a visit just for the station alone! From the station you can see the towers of the Old Church and walk to the city centre in only a few minutes.

On the motorway A13, take the exit to Delft-Zuid/TU-wijk (exit 10) and follow the signs to “TU-wijk”. When you have descended the exit turn right into the Schoemakerstraat. Turn left after the TU Library
(third street) on the Christiaan Huygensweg. In front of you, you can see the building of Industrial Design Engineering already.

There is limited parking space around the building. On campus, there are several large parking lots on walking distance; they are shown on campus signage.

As part of a broader vision on mobility and accessibility of the campus, TU Delft is working on new parking regulations. The new regulations will apply to a large part of the campus: the car park near the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and the area enclosed by Jaffalaan / Rotterdamseweg / Heertjeslaan / Huismansingel / Schoemakerstraat. The new parking policy will enter into force on 1 September 2023.

Parking policy (

We have exit tickets for our participants, please go to the registration desk to get an exit ticket per day!

Accessibility X:
Work on the tramway on campus

The construction of a new tramway is being carried out on campus. The work is taking place in front of X’s entrance and may cause some inconvenience. From the P2/Sports car park, the access roads to X are completely closed. Pedestrians and cyclists should use the diversion route via Berlageweg: see map. The place for crossing is at the intersection of Berlageweg and Mekelweg.

The rugby fields are accessible (via Mekelweg) on weekdays after 17:00 and at weekends.

Please check for public transport options:

Mekelweg 8 | 2628 CD Delft